Thursday, February 16, 2017

How to Buy Free Press

Let us first address a topic that nobody seems to discuss.  There is no such thing as the "media."  We have in this nation a "free press," as guaranteed in the 1st Amendment.  The idea of the "Main Stream Media" is largely a term of the Republican / conservative / libertarian spectrum.  And the term "media" is meant to replace the term "free press" along the same lines as "health care" replacing "medicine."  It is all a tactic of the political Left to exert influence over our nation and it's culture by replacing names of commonly accepted institutions with new names--just for the heck of it.  Rename it, own it.  It's that simple.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Democrats Are At Their Best When Out of Power

For many years now I have stated that the Democratic Party is superior to my own Republican Party in the areas of strategy, tactics (guerrilla warfare, specifically) and, under that last one, rhetoric.  "Master Wordsmith's," I typically refer to them as, so masterfully they have defeated us primarily with the simplest of literary devices.  Onomatopoeia is my favorite, probably because it sounded like you were saying "pee" when they taught it to us in junior high school.  Simply stated, it is the use of repeating the same sound multiple times in one phrase:  Rich, white, Republican racists, for example.  Or Bush lied, they died.  Hell no, we won't go. The Right has been schooled in this sort of mindless rhetoric more dependent on literary devices and not at all on actual policy analysis.  In fact, one of the only successes we have ever had was, "It's not a choice, it's a child."

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Special Prosecutor is Needed to Investigate All Police Shootings

Democrats love victims.  Their specialty is victims like Anakin and Obi Wan's specialty is Sith Lords. And Republicans seem perfectly willing to allow the Victimhood Parade of Democrats and their Progressive allies in the media to continue unopposed and unabated.  With every case of police and law enforcement abuse we see the Left perfectly willing to use the victims for attention and fundraising activities, willing to scream and moan about the abuse of the situation.

Then never actually do anything to change the system or the situation.

OK.  Then it is time for Republicans to take up the mantle of this situation and do something about it.  Already, Republicans in some states are taking up the prosecution of minor offenders and reducing penalties for possession.  These are typically convictions that result in inordinately high conviction rates for minority offenders.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"Free Press" put on notice by Press Secretary

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer deserves a Pulitzer Prize for Journalism!  In his daily briefing today, the new Press Secretary added a new element to the briefing room--Skype!

About four journalists from across the country were given the opportunity to ask a question live via Skype.  The first was a lady from Providence, Rhode Island who asked about sanctuary cities.  Providence's Mayor recently began referring to their city as a "sanctuary city."  The journalist's question was, how long before the President begins suspending payment of Federal grant money to sanctuary cities and what impact might that have on cities like Providence?

Daily Briefing, White House Press Secretary

I cannot stress how big this may be for the White House Press Corps.  I believe that the Press Secretary just put the collective news media on notice that they are on probation.  They haven't done their jobs well enough so the White House will be accepting applications from the middle of nowhere, across the country, to replace the "BIG Media" Press Corps.

It would be cheaper to host journalists via Skype.  The Administration could create "Fellowships" for qualified journalists nationally to participate on a rotating basis.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Romney also won (minus three states!)

Remember the rallying cry, "But Hillary won the popular vote!"? Now, there's the most irrelevant truth since Al Gore!
It has been encouraging to hear Republicans, Trump supporters and Conservatives respond by pointing out that Clinton's entire margin in the irrelevant popular vote came in California.
Trump received 62,985,105 total votes nationally.  Clinton bested that count in the popular vote with 65,853,625, some 2.8 million votes more than Trump.  And as has been accurately pointed out, California accounts for Clinton's entire margin of victory and then some.  Clinton received some 8.7 million votes to Trump's 4.4 million, a difference of around 4.3 million votes.  Wipe California out and that more than makes up the difference in the popular vote.
So that made me wonder, what about 2012?
I was surprised to see a very similar situation, albeit Mitt Romney would have needed two to three states to best President Obama in the popular vote, not only California.
Obama received 65,915,795 total votes nationally in 2012 to Romney's 60,933,504--a difference of 4,982,291 votes.
In California, Obama received 7,854,285 votes to Romney's 4,839,958--a difference of slightly over 3 million.  So California alone was not sufficient to explain Romney's deficit.
So on to New York, where Obama received a little under 2 million more votes than Romney.  Short story, take California and New York off the map and Romney wins the remaining popular vote by somewhere in the neighborhood of 40,000 votes.  Just for grins, take Obama's home state of Illinois off the map and Romney wins the remaining 47 states (plus DC) by around 900,000 votes!
Now, the underlying point--the popular vote is irrelevant--remains the same regardless of this pointless exercise. But it also provides more evidence the Electoral College still plays a vital role in our political landscape. Obama got the job done in enough states to coddle together a victory. Clinton did not.

Obama could have been remembered well

Former President Barack Obama left office 10 days ago, headed to a short vacation with his family.  That has apparently now ended, with the former President issuing a statement on new President Donald Trump's recent immigration Executive Order.  This brings up a couple of issues.

First, Obama could have spent the last two years of his term concentrating on economics and seeking to undergird a fragile, slow recovery.  He could have spent time meeting with leaders of the economy--our corporations, Wall Street institutional investors and managers, even his own supporters who work in investments.  Instead, much of his time was spent lecturing on the need for more gun control.

In fact, with each mass shooting and terrorist attack on US soil, the President almost seemed to lecture on the need for further restrictions on gun ownership.  Nevermind that there is no connection between gun control and low crime rates.

The former President could have directed staff to engage corporations--who have literally hundreds of billions of foreign-earned dollars overseas that they refuse to repatriate, fearful of the taxman--as to what policies would inspire them to bring those dollars back to the US to be invested or paid in dividends.  He instead took it upon himself to lecture on the need for more liberal acceptance of LGBTQ issues and how anything contrary to the Democratic Platform was xenophobic, hateful and "un-American."

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Suggestions for the Politically Un-involved, Part I

I have two Facebook accounts. One made up primarily of family and friends from various stages and places in life--people I jokingly refer to that I "give a damn about." And one with primarily political friends and acquaintances. The following was directed at my friends and family account because some of them I know for a fact have never lifted a finger in political activism and need a little "helping hand" getting started--Left OR Right!

"Friends, I have not commented on politics much on this account out of respect for the fact that so many of you from so many times in my life are special to me. I give a damn about those I am friends with on this account.

"But I've been noticing an increase in political commentary from many whom I don't normally hear much commentary from. So first, please keep it civil--both in comments directed at individuals as well as general references such as to our elected officials. We didn't choose someone else. We chose these people.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Welcome to Bullywood!

Still despondent over Hillary Clinton's loss, Hollywood served its latest round of Trump bashing during the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. I didn’t watch the broadcast for two reasons: 1) I haven’t seen any of the performances, shows or films nominated; and 2) To spare myself the predictable Hollywood tirade over the election results – they are beyond tedious. But when social media was filled with praise for Meryl Streep for putting Trump in his place, I decided to take a look at her speech, thinking that someone had come up with something other than the usual attacks – I mean, they claim to be masters of the “creative arts,” right? – only to be disappointed. The same claptrap that failed to swing the election in Hillary’s favor was offered again by Ms. Streep – she drew no new blood.