Sunday, September 11, 2011

Twin Towers

I see the Twin Towers everyday. Their image is on a postcard clipped on my refrigerator. Ever since 9/11 most of the images I see are the Twin Towers engulfed in fire and smoke. Or with an airplane about to hit. It is nice to see them as they were before that tragic day. I always wanted for the Towers to be rebuilt exactly as they were. Thankfully, I have my postcard.

I was in Dallas, TX when 9/11 happened. I was getting ready for work when a friend of mine called and told me that an airplane had flown into one of the Towers. I turned on the TV and the first thing that stuck me was the clear blue sky. My friend and I couldn't figure out how could a plane accidentally be flown into the World Trade Center on such a clear day. We both had lived in New York City and were familiar with its skyline and just how prominent the Twin Towers were. We just could not imagine how it could have happened.

As we were talking, the second plane hit. My friend immediately said "It is on purpose". I agreed. We stayed on the phone. We did not talk much. We both were watching the images on television. Finally, we hung up. I needed to get to work. Just before I turned the television off I heard a reporter say that the Pentagon was hit.

At the office everyone was in shock. They put a television in the conference room and all us watched the coverage. No one said much. And then the first Tower came down. Incredible. After the second Tower came down, several of us started crying. Management told us to leave. There were other planes unaccounted for and we were in a tall building. As I walked back to my cubicle to collect my purse, a colleague said "What kind of world do we live in?" Not the same world as before 9/11/01.