Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It Is Official: The Term "Conservative" Is Just An Empty Slogan

Yesterday, John Sununu - former Governor of New Hampshire and Chief of Staff for President George HW Bush - endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

The endorsement was hardly surprising since the GOP establishment started to coalesce around Romney after the Chris Christie decided not to run. But what was surprising was Sununu's describing Romney as a "solid conservative". 

 Ever since Romney decided to seek the presidency he has been undergoing a political makeover from a liberal governor of Massachusetts to a Reagan conservative. His flip flops on issue are well known and there is not need to recite them again. The question I have is how can Sununu look at Romney's record and conclude he is a "solid conservative".

If Romney is a "solid conservative" then why can't Obama be a "solid conservative" too? Both raised taxes on businesses. Both implemented individual healthcare mandates. I am sure that Obama would agree with Romney that a flat tax is "a tax cut for fat cats." Does a candidate's record actually matter anymore? Or is "conservative" just another political empty slogan?