Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Humble Advice To The Perry Campaign.....

...... skip Tuesday's debate.

Rick Perry has absolutely nothing to gain from participating in debates. There is no need to rehash his performances so far. And make no mistake about it, his lack of debating skills is what hurt him. Not the border fence. Not the in state tuition.

Of course, the hope for the Perry camp is that somehow he will be able to land a couple of punches on Romney. Or that Romney will trip himself. But how likely is that to happen? Not very.

Romney has been campaigning for the last six years. He has had plenty of time to finesse his explanations about his flip flops. He has mastered the art of obfuscation. Besides, the political punditry has decided that unless Romney starts babbling incoherently he will be declared the winner. No one laid a glove on him, they will say.

What Perry needs to do is regain his confidence. And that means changing the narrative from his debate performances to his record and policy proposals. As long as Perry participates in the debates, the focus will be on his performance. No matter what proposal he lays out, the discussion will return to what happened during the last Republican debate.

The Perry campaign is already downplaying the importance debates should play in selecting the Republican nominee. So why not go the extra step and skip the debate? Spend the time campaigning, promoting Perry's successful record as governor of Texas. Spend the time regaining confidence.

Actually, all the candidates should skip the debate. Let Romney debate himself. He has taken so many opposing positions he will have no problem filling the allotted broadcast time.