Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another PR Disaster For The GOP

Well, this is just great. It was bad enough that the GOP is constantly portrayed as being more preoccupied with protecting tax cuts for the rich than helping the middle class. Now the GOP opposes an extension of the payroll tax cut. Just who runs PR for Congressional Republicans?

And please let's drop blaming the MSM for the bad press. Yes, they have a liberal slant. But the GOP is so incompentent that they make the MSM and the Democrats' job so much easier.

Warren Buffett and the other "patriotic" millionaires have been begging Congress to raise their taxes. The GOP should grant their wish in exchange for entitlement reform or some other measure that will begin the process of reforming Washington and downsizing the federal government.

Yes, the GOP did offer some revenue increases during the Super Committee negotiations. But they were unable to maximize the PR benefit. Their proposals were barely noticed by the public. What they need to do stand in front of a giant banner saying "We Are Raising Buffett's Taxes". That is if they want to receive any credit for the willingness to raise revenue.

It is clear that the payroll tax cut has not done much to stimulate the economy. Neither has the stimulus and all the other measures taken by the federal government. So why would the GOP target the elimination of payroll tax when nothing else has worked? Is it because they want to make sure that the stereotype of Republicans not caring for the middle class is reinforced? Yes, I am being sarcastic. Better than pulling my hair out.