Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Power! JR Pushes Back

Tired of taking verbal hit after verbal hit from Mitt "Bobby" Romney during the debates, Rick "JR" Perry decided to push back. Hard. His campaign released a tough ad on Romneycare.

This is not the first time that Romney faced criticism over Romneycare. Tim Pawlenty labeled it Obamneycare only to back down during the first presidential debate. And then watched his campaign fold as activists concluded T-Paw was just too nice to take on POTUS Obama.

Perry was determine not to make the same mistake. No backing down at the debate in Nevada. His goal was to finally draw some figurative blood from Romney. He did. And it wasn't Romneycare that threw Romney off stride. It was illegal immigration.

Satisfied that he succeeded in causing Romney to lose his cool - event if it was a brief moment - Perry began the process refocusing his campaign. He proposed an energy plan and a overhaul of the tax code. Finally, the conversation was starting to change from his terrible debate performances to what he would do as president of the United States.

A minor mistep happened when Perry decided to bring up a conversation he had with The Donald a month ago about Obama's birth certificate. But he quickly recovered and was able to contain the damage by declaring birtherism a distraction.

Maybe next time he needs to be more careful about talking to the The Donald. Besides, what is The Donald up to? Is he even a Republican? Why are so many Republican canidates making a pilgrimage to Trump Tower?

After weeks of free falling poll numbers, Perry's campaign is finally stabilizing. Of course, he now finds himself in single digits. Still it is better than the roll coaster drop stomach feeling Perry experienced. He can finally relax. During an appearance Friday night in Manchester, NH Perry seemed positively giddy. Is this a sign that the campaign is back on track or something else?

Next Episode: Stopping Cain