Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is The GOP Capable Of Learning Lessons?

Sometimes I wonder if the GOP is capable of learning any lessons. Here we are again - four years later - with the establishment pushing another mediocre candidate that can't inspire the Republican base to save his political life. Just like John McCain.... well at least McCain had the war hero thing going for him. Mitt Romney doesn't have that. He has Bain! And Romneycare, of course (insert sarcastic tone).

And please do not point to polls showing Romney slightly ahead of Barack Obama. They are meaningless. Polls showed that Hillary would be the nominee. Polls showed that McCain would beat Obama. Polls before the other side is fully engaged are completely useless 11 months out. Let's at least try to learn that lesson. Please.

I just do not buy the notion that Romney is the strongest candidate. I mean if the goal here is to appeal to the moderates or indies and forget about inspiring the GOP base, then Jon Huntsman is a better pick than Romney. After all Huntsman is the only candidate with foreign policy credentials. Great record as Governor of Utah. No flip flops or individual mandate baggage. Consistently pro-life and pro-second amendment. His policy proposals on taxes and bank regulations have won rave reviews. So why not Huntsman?

Romney will experience the same problems as McCain. He will find himself having to tack right during the general election. And since the SoCons are deeply suspicious of Mitt, he will probably have to select a social conservative fire breather like Rick Santorum to reassure the GOP base. That will spell doom for Romney in the general as it did for McCain the moment he picked Palin.

Like I said, if you are going to blow off the base then go with Huntsman who is a much stronger candidate in the general than Romney. And if you need the base fired up to keep control of the House and possibly pick up a few Senate seats, then forget Romney. Go for Newt who can speak to the base. This is no time for half measures.