Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is This Really The Identity The GOP Wants?

I saw the Rick Perry Ad about gays earlier this week and it took me a few days to calm down. What is Perry trying to say? Does he feel that it is better for gays in the military to go back into the closet because it makes him more comfortable that way? I hate to break it to you folks, gays bleed just as red as straights when they are shot in combat.

Then Perry turns around and links his first offensive statement to celebrating Christmas openly? I haven't seen a war on Christianity or for that matter on religion from Obama. Prayer in public schools was eliminated back in the 60s. We have had multiple GOP presidents since then and NONE of them worked to reverse the ruling. Why do we expect more from a Democratic president?

Then we come to openly celebrating Christmas.Has anyone actually seen Obama rip out a Christmas tree from the White House? I saw some pictures of the White House trees. They not only celebrated Christmas but they also celebrated the military. And military families helped in the decorations. There was a tree lighting in DC. So apparently Christmas has not been hidden in our Nations Capital.

Were Christians offended because he lit a menorah this week? I hope not. I thought we were better than that. I hope that my Jewish friends will celebrate with pride and all the joy the holiday engenders.

By the way there ARE other holidays this time of year besides Christmas and Hannukah. There are Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu holidays too. Should we make these religions hide their symbols because they aren't Christian? Again I hope not.

Should we had better scrap the whole idea of Kwanza? It isn't a religious festival, so why should we celebrate it? After all it isn't Christian.

And even within the Christian community there is no single set of beliefs. IF we were to become a Christian only country, which is what Perry seems to be implying, which Christianity are we going to follow? That idea disturbs me too.

Finally, the supposed war on religion. I have never seen a liberal forcing any religion to hide their beliefs. I have never had a liberal come up to me and tell me I can't go into a church or I can't put a Christmas tree up in my home or office.

OK I haven't seen them tell an atheist how to believe either. But that is the point, in a country based on religious freedom, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

I do admit. I get annoyed at Happy Holidays instead of the correct wishes. But I think that is more because of laziness than it is political correctness. It is much easier to be generic than it is to find out what wish you need to deliver.

Perry is pandering to the fears of those who want their way to be the ONLY way. Pandering may get him a few votes but pandering will never win a general election.