Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Romney's Electability Myth

Yes, Mitt Romney has baggage too; and I am not talking about Romneycare. If you think that Romneycare is wonderful for Massachusetts and yet not wonderful enough for the rest of country is a cogent position, I cannot help you. So there is no point in going over it again and again.

Besides, Romney has more baggage than just Romneycare. Yes I know, the MSM right now is saying that Mitt is the perfect candidate for the general election. The only one who can beat Obama, we are told.

But do not let the MSM fool you. The moment Romney secures the nomination (I am speaking hypothetically), that's when the MSM will turn on Mitt. And the narrative will be - as it always is - how could the GOP nominate such an unacceptable candidate for the general election. You don't believe me? Look up John McCain. Remember, he was the only one who could beat Obama.

During the primaries the MSM has used Romney's religion to characterize Republican primary voters as - let's be blunt - bigots. We have been treated to many stories about how Mormonism is what is holding Romney back. Never mind that Mitt has had a very difficult time getting elected in non-evangelical states. It is the evangelical bigots in Iowa that are keeping him down (insert sarcasm).

The MSM never passes on an opportunity to portray the Republican nominee as a racist. Should Romney win the nomination, the MSM will pivot and, ironically, use the Mormon religion to bludgeon him. They will expose some of the unusual aspects of Mormon practice under the guise of learning more about what drives the candidate. All the while implying that there must be something odd about anyone who would subscribe to such a strange religion. I mean Jesus Christ coming to America?!

But the pièce de résistance will be the racism practiced by the Mormon Church. From 1852 to 1978, the LDS Church had a policy against ordaining black men to the priesthood. This issue was raised in 2008 during Romney's first run for the White House. Mitt fumbled it when he claimed that "I saw my father march with Martin Luther King." Although his father supported civil rights, he never marched together with Martin Luther King.

It is quite clear that the Democrats will try to make the 2012 election about income inequality. The 1% vs. the 99%. Wall Street vs. Main Street. The table is being set right before our eyes. As a venture capitalist, Romney is both a member of the 1% and Wall Street.

In 2008, Mike Huckabee said that Romney reminded voters of  "the guy who laid you off”. And while at Bain, Romney was the guy that laid off a lot of people. Should he get the nomination, America will be treated to the parade of Bain's victims. Every person that lost a job because of Bain, will be featured by the MSM along with a full accounting of the management fees Romney's firm collected as companies they ran filed for bankruptcy. Stories about individuals losing their pension and healthcare benefits while Bain's investors received hefty returns on their money.

Thus far, Romney's electability argument is solely based on polls showing him doing better than other candidates with independent voters. But polls are meaningless at this point.  Especially when it comes to independent voters who traditionally do not tune in until late in the general election. That is, after the MSM has had ample time to expose Romney religion and record at Bain.