Friday, December 2, 2011

Time For Cain To Call Kobe's Jeweler

"Kobe Special" diamond ring
(AP Photo EJ Flynn)
The look of fear that flashed on Herman Cain's face last night during his interview with Sean Hannity was striking. Hannity seemed surprised too that his suggestion of looking at airlines tickets, hotel videos and other evidence to determine whether the allegations made by Ginger White are true was met with a blunt refusal. "Sean... Let's not play detective." Cain sternly replied.

When allegations about sexual harassment first surfaced against Cain, I defended him. Not because he was my pick for the GOP nomination. I defended him because the story smacked of a political hit job. And the refusal of both women to waive confidentiality so that voters could see the contents of the 10 year old settlements confirmed my suspicion. Political hit job.

I also defended Cain because I am tired of the double standard. When Bill Clinton faced similar allegations, the MSM and many leading feminists dismissed them and quickly embraced the Clinton defense that "accusations never fed a child or created a job". As far as I am concerned, sexual harassment allegations are no longer an automatic disqualifier for higher office. The Democrats settled that issue for me.

A few weeks ago Cain was interviewed by Greta Van Sustern. I watched it and came away with the impression that Cain is not an harasser but he is clearly a flirt. He made a comment about  liking to "look at the flowers". At the time, I told a friend about my impression of Cain. I even said that I would not be surprised if it turns out he had an affair.

Well, call me psychic. Yes, I know. Cain is denying any sexual relationship with Ms. White. But the panic displayed last night at the prospect of reviewing video from the Tyson vs. Holyfield fight to see whether he attended with Ms. White as she claims, suggests otherwise. So does the fact that Cain did not tell his wife that he had helped Ms. White financially. Or his repeated assertion during the Hannity interview that his wife loves him and forgives him. That sounded like laying the groundwork for today's face to face meeting with his wife.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall of Cain's house today. Say what you will about the man but he is a great salesman. His implausible 9-9-9 plan captured the imagination of many voters. You can't help but smile when he speaks. He has an upbeat persona about him. Cain is going to need his salesmanship today when he meets with his wife. And if all else fails, there is always Kobe's jeweler.