Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Democrats Are Not Grinning, They Are Panicking

The reaction was swift and strong. An exasperated Rudy Giuliani asked "What the hell are you doing Newt?" The Wall Street Journal declared that "Mr Romney's GOP opponents are embarrassing themselves by taking the Obama line" on Bain. And proceeded to lecture its readers about the benefits of creative destruction.

Strangely, the Wall Street Journal did have much to say about the wonders of creative destruction at the time they were pushing TARP on taxpayers. It seem that creative destruction is only good when blue collar workers lose their jobs. Yet a terrible idea when the jobs of wealthy bankers are at stake. But I digress.

Obviously Newt's attacks on Romney's business record are motivated by his desire to win the Republican nomination. Nevertheless, he is doing Republicans a great favor. Not only because he is pushing a stubborn, aristocratic GOP to vet Romney when it would prefer to just nominate the heir apparent.  But also because Newt is undermining Obama's re-election plans.

I have previously written about my suspicions regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement. And the more I see the Democrat reaction to Newt bringing up Bain's business practices, the more I am convinced that Axelrod has been planning to run against Romney for months. As a matter of fact, the whole Democrat strategy to retake Congress is based on running against the party of the 1%.

Forcing Romney to discuss his business experience; forcing him to release his tax records is providing Republican voters a preview of the Democrats' planned attacks. It also provides Republican voters an opportunity to assess whether Romney can effectively counter Axelrod's tactics. And so far the answer is an emphatic NO!

During the last week, Romney has shown himself to be gaffe prone. More importantly, he has shown himself to be completely unable to explain his private sector experience beyond "competency". Even Charles Krauthammer - who was very critical of Newt's attacks - said that he was surprised at Romney's inability to turn Bain into a strong defense of capitalism.

Not only is Newt undermining Axelrod's carefully planned run against Gordon Gekko. He also undermining the Democrat's playbook of portraying the GOP as the party of the "rich". The party that worships business leaders no matter their practices. Newt's attacks on Bain have started the process of  chipping away at negative stereotype of Republicans not caring about the middle class. And that spells trouble for the Democrats in the long run.