Thursday, January 26, 2012

So Now Ann Coulter Is Worried About Winning Independent Voters?

As Mitt Romney's poll numbers continue to drop, Ann Coulter is becoming more and more hysterical. During a recent rant, Coulter said that the GOP needs to get independent voters. Really? Ann Coulter - The Queen of Indie-Repelling Rhetoric - is worried about independent voters. Really? I mean, really?

For years, Ann Coulter's inflammatory statements have been used by Democrats and left-leaning media to portray all Republicans as loons filled with hatred. "Treason", "Godless", "Demonic" are some of her book titles. Does Ms. Coulter really believe that people who vote Democrat - which is about half the country - are godless, demonic traitors? More importantly, does Ms. Coulter believe that her name calling is endearing to independent voters?

Also let's not forget Ms. Coulter's insistence on calling the president B. Hussein during the 2008 general election campaign. Oh... she is so clever. Isn't she? Suggesting that Obama is a secret Muslim is not a great way to win independent voters. But it is a great way to help Democrats paint Republicans as paranoid bigots. And that's what Ms. Coulter has done her entire career. Helped the Democrats under the guise of defending conservatism.

The Republican smart set also seems suddenly concerned about independent voters. Oh... they love to call themselves leaders but where were these leaders when the birther nonsense was circulating among the GOP grassroots? Real leaders concerned about winning independent voters would have nipped it in the bud. Real leaders concerned about winning independent voters would have denounced the harsh language used in connection with illegal immigration. Real leaders would have led.

Clearly, Republican political strategists believe that what fires up the base turns off independent voters. Here is a suggestion. Instead of playing this silly game of indulging the base and then every four years work overtime to force feed establishment candidate during the primaries, why not develop an agenda that energizes the grassroots and is appealing to the general electorate? Or am I just being naive?

The Democrats  faced the same problem a few decades back and adjusted. Today, a Democrat presidential candidate declaring that he will raise everbody's taxes as Walter Mondale did is unthinkable. No Democrat talk about gun control at the national level. Death penalty is another issue that the Democrats dropped on their way to the political center.

Perhaps the GOP should start its journey to the political center by dropping Ann Coulter....