Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just Like Cars

The Newtown tragedy has renewed the debate over gun control. It is an old debate. It is like a dormant volcano that sits quietly until the next eruption only to fall silent again.

Old cliches are recycled as deep thinking. Apples and oranges are compared and no progress in any direction is made. Perhaps, that is the objective. Create so much confusion and fear until paralysis sets in.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is This The Price of Freedom?

Reaction to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has run the full spectrum. Some of it predictable (e.g. the usual rhetoric from both sides of the gun control debate). Some of it just downright insensitive and idiotic (e.g. Governor Huckabee suggesting that God allows the murder of children because of the Supreme Court decision ending school prayer). Some of it paranoid (e.g. suggestions that it was a conspiracy so that the United Nations can take guns away).

But one reaction stood out. During a local report about the tragedy,  a man being interviewed said that "unfortunately, it was the price of freedom". The indiscriminate killing of 20 kids ages 6 and 7 is the price of freedom in our country? Their little bodies riddled with bullets is the price of freedom?