Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is This All The TX GOP Has On Wendy?

Clearly, Wendy Davis' fundraising ability has put a little fear in the usually confidence oozing Texas Republicans. For the first time in quite sometime, Texas Democrats have a candidate with a high name ID; able to bring in the cash; and, receiving national media attention. The long knives were bound to come out. And that is just what happened a few days ago when the Dallas Morning News published a piece suggesting that Ms Davis blurred "key facts" about her life story.

What were the "key facts" that Wendy blurred? She was 21 when her divorce was finalized instead of 19 years old and she lived in a trailer for just a few months before moving to an apartment. That's it.

Wait! There is something more. She is "tremendously ambitious". GASP!

As a hit piece, it was rather thin. But it doesn't take much for the right wing faux outrage machine to get going. What the Dallas Morning News termed "blurred" facts was instantly magnified into Ms Davis falsifying her entire biography. Upon receiving their marching orders from El Rushbo, his many parrots mindlessly hit social media pretending to care about Wendy's character.

Is this all Republicans got on Wendy Davis? Is the "great" Texas GOP reduced to haggling over whether she was 19 or 21 years old when she got divorced? Or how long she lived in a trailer? It just proves that the party is completely intellectually bankrupt.

The Texas GOP has nothing positive to offer voters. All they seem to do is obsess about abortion.  Have fits whenever gays are granted equal protection under the law. Go ballistic when individuals who were brought in the USA as children illegally by their parents get in-state tuition. Why doesn't the TX GOP just do us all a favor and get off the political stage and make room for another center right party that is interested in governing and has something positive to contribute?

And if one wants to talk about embellishing records, how about all the "blurring" that Texas Republicans have done when it comes to their performance in office. Listening to their rhetoric, one would believe that Texas tops all economic categories. That every company located in "anti-business" California can't pack up fast enough and move to Texas the land of opportunity.

The reality is that Texas is number 15 when it comes to low unemployment. Not even in the top ten. Superliberal states like Hawaii and Vermont have lower unemployment rates than superconservative Texas. Godless California has more Fortune 500 companies than Texas. No wonder Texas Republicans want voters to focus on trivial "gotchas" about Wendy's biography.

Texas can claim a few "honors". It is among the top 5 states  when it comes to teenage pregnancies. Apparently, all the praying on Sunday doesn't appear to stop teenagers from having sex on Monday. Texas can also claim the honor of being among the worst 10 states to be a kid. But let's focus on how many months Wendy lived in a trailer.

These silly attacks on Wendy should not concern her supporters. In the long run it may help her campaign as Texas voters are reminded that the GOP's view of women's role in society is still stuck in the 1950s. What should concern Wendy's supporters is that her campaign team doesn't seem ready for prime time. She also needs to settle on a theme for her campaign. Something like "When it comes to jobs, we can do better than number 15!"