Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Libertarian Pundit Blames Ronald Reagan For The Ukraine Crisis

His frustration was clearly visible. “We should have never fought the Cold War. “ said libertarian pundit "Liberty For Me, But Not For Thee". Sitting in his office just outside the beltway, the influential blogger agreed to speak to TPF after repeated requests. Asked whether TPF's unapologetic neoconservatism was behind his reluctance to grant an interview, he replied, "Not at all. You are wrong and I don't mind tell you that."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Tea Party Is Alive And Kicking

It was supposed to be Lindsey Graham’s big night. His decisive victory was going to be held as evidence that the GOP establishment had finally “crushed” the Tea Party.That was a plan anyway until Eric Cantor lost his seat to political novice David Brat. Abruptly, the Chamber of Commerce had to cancel its victory lap; talk radio rejoiced; and, the Democrats could hardly contain their glee as they feigned concern for our democracy now that one of the two major parties has been taken over by “extremists”.