Sunday, March 15, 2015

With Friends Like These.... The Tom Cotton Letter Saga

No wonder the GOP is unable to set the agenda in Washington DC. Not only is the party saddled with incompetent, timid leadership that doesn’t have the self-respect to get out of the way. The party is also saddled with a pundit class that lacks new ideas and, often, helps the opposition. A perfect illustration of how conservative pundits undermine Republicans is the reaction of luminaries like Charles Krauthammer and Michael Gerson to the now famous – some would say infamous – Tom Cotton letter to Iran.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Getting Out of the Immigration Quagmire

The number of Republican self-inflicted wounds over the issue of immigration keeps growing. At this pace, it may be warranted to set up a clock - much like the US National Debt Clock - to track them. Last Friday, just hours before funding for the Department of Homeland Security was about to run out, Republicans were able to postpone the eventual capitulation for a week. A foreseeable outcome from the moment that Mitch McConnell announced he would not shut the government down.

McConnell had the best of intentions in declaring that he would avoid shutdowns or playing games with the debt ceiling. He wanted to demonstrate to the American people that the Republican Party was ready, willing and able to govern. However, if McConnell is unwilling to use the power of the purse, why get into a confrontation with the White House over DHS funding? The best way to avoid having to get out of a box is not to get in it in the first place.