Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Humble Advice to the Trump Campaign

Has anyone heard from Roger Stone today? Just yesterday, he was on social media and radio triumphantly declaring the demise of Hillary Clinton. According to Stone, Julian Assange was going to drop a "mother lode" of documents that would land Hillary in handcuffs and elect Donald Trump president.  I was more cautious than Mr. Stone. I carefully avoided discussing the subject mainly because I thought it would turn out to be a hoax - better to adopt a wait and see approach. I was not disappointed. The wee hours of the morning came and the "historic" announcement that Alex Jones was covering live turned out to be Assange hawking his book.

Stone has also been pushing the Trump campaign to pursue the Clintons scandals in an effort to show that Hillary is no champion of women. Hillary did said that victims of sexual harassment or assault should be believed. However, if one reads the fine print, it does not apply to women preyed upon by her husband. Should Trump decide to pursue this line of attack, it will likely fail. Bill Clinton was successful in convincing the majority of the public that his impeachment was about his having an affair with an intern and not perjury. I have no doubt that Hillary will be successful in convincing the majority of voters that she was an beleaguered wife trying to save her family.